Tree Services

As tree surgeons we offer a comprehensive range of services for our domestic and commercial clients that includes :

  • Tree Surgery
  • Crown Lifting The removal of lower limbs of the tree to improve the passage of traffic,  allow light to pass through or to clear structures
  • Deadwooding and crown cleaning Remove dead damaged or deceased branches to improve public safety and the health of the tree.
  • Tree Felling removal of the tree
  • Site Clearance The removal of trees or vegetation using specialist equipment. All waste can be either processed or removed from site.
  • Tree Stump removal Tree stumps that are left after cutting trees down can be removed with the use of one of our stump grinders, by doing this the area can be levelled and cleared for replanting.
  • Planning Apps & TPO’s TPOs are a way of preserving important or threatened trees that are in danger of being cut down, but there are times when protected trees can be worked on or even cut down.
    We can apply for permission on your behalf to work on TPO trees if the trees are dead dying or dangerous or a nuisance to property